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About Porcelænshaven

The buildings now known as Porcelænshaven (PH) used to host a porcelain factory before CBS moved in. Now the buildings have facilities for lectures and studying, but also for a variety of different activities such as events, parties, conferences, talks - and once a month our very own Nexus Fridays!

If you wanna combine social activities with an atmosphere that is both elegant and magnificent, Porcelænshaven might just be the right place for you. Every month the many network organizations and student unions at CBS are hosting a variety of events at Porcelænshaven for up to 1000 people. The activities include open events to gather students and private events reserved for invited guests, members or students.

Whether you're hosting a big Networking and professional event or a dazzling party to celebrate your organization and fellow students, Porcelænshaven might just be the place for you!

Visualize the Space

A Venue with History

The open space of PH opens a great deal of opportunities for your event setup. From high tables, DJ booth, bar, and an impressive stage, we're ready to find what best fits your event and budget while ensuring safety regulations. Have a look at some photos from our past events at PH as well as the floor plan!

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The Price List

More than 400 guests

Free of Charge

300 - 400 guests

1.000 DKK

150 - 300 guests

2.000 DKK

100 - 150 guests

3.000 DKK

75 - 100 guests

4.000 DKK

Less than 75 guests

5.000 DKK


Our Prices always include IT/AV Equipment, Sound Systhem, Microphones and Bartending Services.

Extras can be added, including:

  • Open Bar (Pre-paid, or open tab)
  • Drink Tickets
  • Possibility of Booking a DJ through us 
  • Wardrobe setup
  • Beerpong Tables 

Note: These prices are not vinculative and may be subject to changes or updates.

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Here's some useful points you can include in the email:

  • Who is hosting the event
  • The goal of the event
  • How many people you're expecting
  • When do you want to host your event
  • Any ideas you already have
  • Any questions you might want us to answer

We'll get back to you and schedule a meeting as soon as possible!

  1. The goal of the event
  2. Who the event is for
  3. the number of 

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